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Health Assessments

I begin with the basics by assessing your health to ensure that any steps we take moving forward are designed for success. Everyone has a unique biological make up. Knowing what your body needs is important to defining what healthy means for you. Taking your health history, family background and current states of health into consideration are crucial to understanding how to build the best plan for you.

Home-Based Wellness Education

Most of your favorite foods have healthy options, or can be made healthy. Changing unhealthy patterns often start in the home. Through practical exercises such as a pantry clean up or cooking lessons, I will teach you how to apply the knowledge you gain to your daily routine to make it uniquely yours. It's not always about elimination - healthy substitutions and  additions are powerful tools to achieving optimal health.

Active Lifestyle Coaching

While many of the solutions I offer are based on food and nutrition, to truly achieve long-term health, you have to create an all-around lifestyle with physical activity and regular exercise, whenever possible. Just get moving. If you can exercise or work out at a gym, great! If not, that's okay - simple activities such as walking are easy options as well. I will find the activities you enjoy and help you incorporate them into your daily routine in a manageable way.
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