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As a child, Courtney Berlin learned the benefits of how to eat well to attain and maintain health from her parents. They followed the Pritikin Diet and taught her the importance of health and nutrition paired with natural physical activity to build an everyday lifestyle. 

Courtney was active in sports from a young age with an emphasis on nutrition for gymnastics as I she learned how to eat for athletic-driven fitness. Wellness has always been a part of her life. Even at age 13, she began sharing her cooking with others and making a connection between the health benefits of eating well while still enjoying real food.  

A mother and professional, she was a family law and intellectual property attorney as well as a law professor at Loyola Law School and The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, until she pivoted to health and fitness, her true passion.

She currently holds a certificate in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, is a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an Eating Psychology Teacher with training from the Institute for Eating Psychology.  She is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Currently, she studies at the Maryland University of Integrative Health completing her specialized Masters in Science degree in Functional and Integrative Nutrition. She is a featured guest at a variety of workshops, fitness facilities, community outreach programs and retail venues and has been cited as a health and wellness expert on a variety of health and wellness outlets including Suburban Woman magazine. Courtney was recently selected by international fitness brand DW Fitness as the expert source for their 40 Days of Fitness Challenge, where she is providing healthy lifestyle advice and guidance to challenge participants around the world.   She also is a certified Pilates and yoga instructor from the PiYo training facility.

What makes Courtney different than a nutritionist or other healthy lifestyle consultant? She doesn’t believe in focusing on short-term gains. Her goal is to provide clients with knowledge on health and wellness, quality foods, healthy eating and an active lifestyle. She uses a hands-on, individualized approach for each and every client, leading him or her to lifetime solutions.

Lawyer, Wife, Mother...Fit Girl with a Passion for Health and Wellness

Courtney S. Berlin

Certified Health Coach &

PiYo Instructor

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